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Boots the Chemist Pharmacy in Letchworth offers the free emergency contraception pill, sometimes known as the ‘morning after pill’, to women under 25. Under-25s can also get sexual health and contraception advice, a free chlamydia test and free condoms at this pharmacy as part of this service.

Boots the Chemist Pharmacy in Letchworth offers many services including contraception and sexual health advice.

Free emergency contraception for under-25s


The emergency contraception pill, also known as the 'morning after pill', is available free to under-25s from this pharmacy. Although often called the 'morning after pill' you don't have to take it the morning after. It is a single pill that must be taken within 120 hours (five days) of unprotected sex (contraception has failed or not been used) to stop you getting pregnant. 

Only a specially-trained pharmacist can give you free emergency contraception after a confidential consultation. As part of the consultation they will give you a free chlamydia test and free condoms, discuss ongoing contraception, and may ask you to go to the local sexual health service if needed. You must have a doctor (GP) in Hertfordshire to use this free service.

Please note: it’s a good idea to telephone the pharmacy before you go to make sure that a pharmacist who can provide this service is available. If the pharmacist is not available look for another pharmacy on this site or contact Sexual Health Hertfordshire (0300 008 5522 for your nearest sexual health and contraceptive clinic.

If you are aged 13-19 and want to talk to someone about sexual relationships, condoms, c-card, chlamydia or pregnancy, you can go to your local YC Hertfordshire One Stop Shop or centre.

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Venue: Boots the Chemist Pharmacy, 7 High Street, Letchworth SG6 3EJ

Age Range: 13 - 25

Cost: Free to under 25s

Timing and Repeats:
Please call to check when the emergency contraception pharmacist is available.

Booking Info: Drop-in / no booking needed

Organisation: Boots the Chemist, tel: 01462 683199, email:

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