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Rise Above is a website all about sharing our experiences, questions and challenges to get us ready for anything life throws our way. You'll find interesting and useful stuff from the internet and beyond, as well as inspiring stories, videos, games and advice from celebrities and everyone else.

Rise Above is a place where everyone can share their experiences, questions and challenges. You'll find advice and inspiring stories about the things that matter to us. There's also videos and games and lots of useful, interesting stuff from the internet to help us all navigate life. You can sign up and sign in to comment, share your ideas with Team Rise Above or have a say on what is featured on the site.


Figuring it all out can be really confusing so we're here to help one another. There's videos and advice about stuff such as:

  • What contraception does what? Which is best for me? Lets break down contraception - it doesn't have to be scary!
  • Consent. What is it? How do you know if someone is giving it? Get the facts from an expert
  • Tackle those #awkwardconversations headfirst and learn how to deal with the big S word


Find out what’s going on during puberty. Bodies can be confusing, no matter what shape or size they are:

  • What is puberty?
  • Puberty myth vs fact quiz
  • All about self esteem and feeling comfortable in your skin


Tips on gaining confidence, blasting anxiety and general life stuff from the people who’ve been there:

  • Ace those exams
  • Keeping things sweet with your siblings
  • How to deal with bullying and carry on doing what you love


Friends. They’re there with you through the good and bad times and the family you choose:

  • How to spot a frenemy
  • How to comfort a friend in need
  • What do YOU think makes a good friend?

So that's Rise Above. Ready up, sign up and get involved!

If you are aged 13-19 and want to talk to someone about sexual relationships, condoms, c-card, chlamydia or pregnancy, go to your local Youth Connexions One Stop Shop.




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